Lakeside Garden ImageGorgeous setting for this garden space. Irregular Pennsylvania Bluestone walk and stone steps meanders through plantings of native perennials, grasses and evergreens.

Lakeside Garden ImageA closer look at the plantings and stonework used on this hillside. Tough, hardy natives were selected to be planted on this rocky slope leading to the lake.

Plants such as the Northwind Switchgrass, Willowleaf Amsonia, Blue Rug Juniper, Prairie Dropseed and Moutain Laurel have been recently planted. Pennsylvania Bluestone was used to create the steps and walk to the dock.

Lakeside Garden ImageThe Pennsylvania Bluestone walk and native plantings of wildflowers, grasses and evergreens make this an attractive walk to the new dock.

Lakeside GardenThis beautiful new home was made more accessible through the use of a tall, custom designed and engineered concrete retaining wall. This wall featured planters and a set of stairs to allow for pedestrian access to the space below.

The planters within the walls were filled with weeping winter jasmine and willowleaf cotoneaster. As these plantings mature their foliage will cascade down the walls.

This planting pair offers flowers late winter through spring and red fruit later in the summer and fall.

A dry stream bed meanders through the space below the bridge to the house and is bordered with plantings designed to offer interest throughout the seasons. Plantings include Oakleaf Hydrangea, Mountain Laurel and Blueberry.

Lakeside GardenA series of steps and retaining walls make walking this steep slope possible. Thick slabs of Pennsylvania bluestone were used to create a set of steps to reach the steps included with the concrete retaining wall. A drystack stone wall and groundcover plantings helps hold the slope and prevent erosion.

Lakeside GardenWeatherface fieldstone drystacked stone walls are carved into the hillside creating a niche alongside the home. These walls and landing have made an exit off the side of the deck possible.

The irregular Pennsylvania bluestone was dry set to from a small landing and walkway to the water. This tiny alcove can be a small seating space or outdoor grilling area.

Lakeside GardenFun view from above looking down on the series of stone retaining walls used to create a landing and walkway from the side of this home. The stepping stone path beside the walls makes it easy to walk along the side of the home.

walk to water side view rev 3